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SHINEMOIST Bond Glossier No.5  Antioxidant Precious Essence Fruit Oil 100ml


For the hair that is soft and easy to collapse and is not easy to style, the SMpleX Bond Protection Power coating technology has a formula similar to that of hair lipids, which can quickly penetrate into the inner core of the hair, improve the soft and weak hair, and restore the hair quality to the resilience and toughness. At the same time, the scaly surface of the hair can be adjusted to a smooth and snug state, making it easier to complete the styling when blowing, bringing you instant nourishment and restoring your beautiful and confident side.


✅40 years of professional experience and integration of SMpleX Bond Protection Power technology

✅Stretched from 2 precious essential oils and complex ingredients:

Israeli Pistachios: Protective, Natural Shimmer

Brazil Gubuasu Fruit: Nourishing, Rich in Amino Acids and Water Absorption

The ratio of high-density and low-density composite ingredients: strengthen the moisture lock, so that the hair can be repaired for a longer time

✅Protect the most critical disulfide bond (-ss-)

3X reduction elasticity and toughness

SHINEMOIST Bond Glossier No.5 Antioxidant Precious Essence Fruit Oil 100ml

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  • The correct use of hair oil is to put it in the palm of the hand first, rub the palms of both hands evenly before applying it on the hair, and apply a small amount each time to avoid being too heavy on the hands all at once.

    For very damaged hair, use No.5 before styling or drying
    ⚠️The small tips must be rubbed in the palm of the hand before applying on the hair

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