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Shine Moist anti-frizz series, aimed at dry weather in Asia, especially suitable for Asian hair


SHINE MOIST Anti-moisture volumizing setting saline 150ml

*Bye bye no irritability, block moisture, light and loose

* 💜Coconut fragrance for hair



Create beach texture, add natural luster with coconut oil, keep styling vitality for a long time, no burden on hair



*Coconut oil is rich in vitamins E and K and iron, which can deeply moisturize the hair, reduce frizz, naturally increase luster, and exude a light coconut fragrance

*The salt water is very suitable for Hong Kong's hot and humid weather, so that the hair is not easy to collapse and deform. Use salt water as a primer before styling, which can maintain the styling longer and immediately enhance the sense of volume.

SHINEMOIST Byebye Frizzy Sea Salt Spray 150mL

SKU: 0015
HK$90.00 Regular Price
HK$62.00Sale Price
  • Spray SPRAY on the roots of the hair, massage it with your hands, distribute it evenly on the hair, and then blow the hair as usual. Salt water can help make the shape fluffy and make the look more durable.

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