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REUZEL Fiber Gel fiber elastic gel 100mL


Extracted plant cellulose will not cause hardening effects during the drying process, allowing the hairstyle to retain its toughness, effectively smoothing split ends, and exerting a secondary plasticity effect on the hairstyle. It does not contain alcohol, reducing damage to the hair. , medium to low gloss.


✅Good at creating fluffy and layered hairstyles

✅Uses alcohol-free, non-flaking and water-soluble formula

✅Medium hardness and good support ability

✅Low gloss, easy to clean

✅Refreshing and non-sticky, with excellent reshaping ability

✅Increase elasticity and flexibility while nourishing and moisturizing



✅Featured ingredients
It contains beeswax for enhanced hydration.
It contains witch hazel extract for jerkiness, nettle extract to enhance radiance, and rosemary extract to aid in hydration


Schorem Men's Barber Salon, a 50-year-old barber shop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is known as the best barber shop in the world.,

Lard REUZEL was founded based on many years of barbering experience, and its retro, nostalgic and high-quality iron boxes are popular all over the world.,


Developed a series of hair oils with different color attributes for luster and effectiveness, and refined them into the world's most famous and best-selling REUZEL hair oil..

REUZEL Fiber Gel fiber elastic gel 100mL

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  • Can be used on wet or dry hair.
    Apply an appropriate amount of gel water evenly to your hair, style it as you like, and let your hair air dry naturally or cover it with a hood to dry.

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