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R3 System Hydrating Repair Moisturizing Set


Kit includes:
Lazulite R3 System Instant Moisturizing Body Lotion 300ml x1
Lazulite R3 System Instant Antioxidant Repair Conditioner 300ml x1

Lazulite R3 System Instant No Rinse Repair Cream 100ml x1


R3 system concept

1R. Reconstruct - Opens hair cuticles and thoroughly cleans hair follicles

2R. Rebuild - rebuilds the hair core and strengthens the hair fiber structure

3R. Replenish Replenishing - Replenishes moisture and deep nourishment for drought-damaged hair, effectively repairing hair nutrition


🔹Buffing lotion efficacy:

- Replenish lost water and nutrients
- Makes hair anti-static, soft, silky and manageable
- Contains amino silicone oil, which forms a protective layer on the hair, restores smoothness and restores luster to the hair
- Contains tea tree oil to balance hair oil


🔹Conditioner efficacy:

-Specially designed for different thicknesses and damaged hair, contains highly repairing and repairing ingredients, quickly replenishes lost moisture and nutrients

-Fixes scaly surface, strengthens hair and restores health

-Contains a variety of hair care elements and ingredients to restore damaged hair to soft and smooth, silky smooth, weightless, bright and light


🔹 Repair cream efficacy:

-Contains amino acid mixture, which directly repairs the damaged structure inside the hair
-Highly water-soluble and skin-friendly formula provides hair with the required moisture and nutrients
- The acid repair formula quickly tightens the scaly surface to protect the hair and restores softness
- With anti-oxidant function, daily use is like doing SPA for hair


Special Ingredients: Vitamin B5, Betaine, Moisturizing Factor (NaPCA), Menthol, Blackberry Fruit Extract.

R3 System : Hydrating Repair Moisturizing Set

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  • After using Instant Moisturizing Shampoo and 𣊬 Inter-Anti-Oxygen Repair Conditioner.

    Towel dry your hair, in a slightly damp condition, take out about 2-3cm of B5 Instant Repair Cream and apply it to the ends of your hair, then blow dry and style. (The Restorative Cream can also be used as an oil for deep hair repair.)

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