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QUICO 32mm negative ion styling hot comb


QUICO Negative Ion Styling Hot Comb - 8 rows of 6.5mm high heating comb teeth arranged on a 32mm diameter roller. Start from the roots and add volume from roots to tips. Easily create voluminous hairstyles.

In addition to creating smooth, elastic, and voluminous curls, the special comb tooth design protects your scalp and ears and avoids burns during styling. With the negative ion styling hot comb, you can easily create airy, fluffy hairstyles and other more layered styles, keeping them perfect all day long.


32mm diameter heating tube, suitable for medium to large curls - Hair-care ceramic glaze coating reduces hair damage

FeverTong adds hair conditioner to achieve triple repair effect:

1. Keratin can make hair smoother and shinier

2. Nano-silver, anti-static and anti-odor

3. Tourmaline powder to reduce hair frizz

6.5mm roll-through comb design protects the scalp and ears during styling and avoids burns

Four temperature settings (140°C/160°C/180°C/200°C) to meet the needs of different hair types

Comfortable handle design, easy to hold and non-slip, making operation easier

✅Memory function, records the last temperature selection, ready to use

✅30-minute automatic safety shutdown function

✅360-degree professional rotating wire, not easy to get tangled

✅Comes with gloves (1 piece) to avoid burning your hands


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Hong Kong brandQuicoTaken fromQuickEasy, simple meaning,It means to remove the layers of tedious life and deliver pure and natural joy in daily life.

The brand implements the "light, simple and beautiful life philosophy",What we want to make is a tool that simplifies life, can be gently close to daily life, and cultivate the mood of life.

QUICO 32mm negative ion styling hot comb

SKU: 3323224
HK$340.00 Regular Price
HK$329.00Sale Price
  • Product number: HC305
    Color: Very black
    Product weight: 421.5g
    Product size: 30.2*4*5.5 (L*W*H)
    Packing size: 35.5*13.8*5.8 (L*W*H)
    Rated voltage: 220-240V
    Rated power: 67W
    Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
    Maintenance period: 1 year

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