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QUICO 1800W Gentle Negative Ion Hair Dryer


Urbanites have higher and higher requirements for hair dryers. In addition to basic drying functions, many people also use them to create slightly curly or voluminous hairstyles. QUICO has launched a new hair dryer that integrates the advantages of light weight, fast drying, styling and repairing at the same time, to protect everyone's hair in an all-round way.


✅Secondary wind adjustment (strong wind/soft wind)

✅Four blowing modes to meet different styling needs

- Hot Air Dry Mode - for fast drying and styling
- Hot and cold cycle mode – detangles hair and prevents overheating
- Cool styling mode - Fixed styling
- Gentle care mode – low-temperature drying mode for infants and young children with quiet design

✅ Tens of millions of negative ions are continuously released to smooth out frizz

✅Mute design, effective noise reduction

✅Efficient DC Motor (DC Motor)

✅With professional shape magnetic suction nozzle, 360° free rotation

✅Exquisite appearance, light body, easy to carry when traveling


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Hong Kong brandQuicotaken fromQuickeasy, easy,It means to remove layers of tedious life and deliver pure and natural pleasure in daily life.

The brand implements the "simple and beautiful life philosophy",What we want to do is a tool that simplifies life, can gently approach daily life, and cultivate the mood of life.

QUICO 1800W Gentle Negative Ion Hair Dryer

SKU: 43567
HK$520.00 Regular Price
HK$499.00Sale Price
  • 顏色: 白色
    產品重量: 385g (淨機)
    產品尺寸: 15.2*23cm(機)
    包裝尺寸: 29.3*20*10.5cm(L*W*H)
    額定功率: 1650W - 1800W
    額定電壓: 220-230V
    電源線長度: 2.5米
    保養期: 1年