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A Japanese hairdressing brand that emphasizes detail dyeing, perm, and hair care as the brand’s core values, upholds the highest spirit of hairdressing art, creates a new field that breaks through traditional dyeing and perming, and returns the hair to the most primitive and pure health beauty, to "awaken the depths of the hair "Perception of beauty" is a spiritual indicator that allows customers to maintain the vitality, health, and beauty of new hair after dyeing and perming.

A Japanese hairdressing brand that pays attention to detail dyeing, perm, and hair care as the core value of the brand


Future new hair care beauty liquid

🔹Natural organic plant extracts

🔹Hair and scalp anti-aging care

🔹Inhibit hair damage Future hair and scalp protection styling products

🔹Double the antioxidant effect 172 times higher than vitamin C

🔹The function of effectively generating collagen

🔹Improve the scalp environment

🔹Strong moisturizing effect

🔹 Effectively produce barrier function, avoid hair damage and reduce various chemical damage caused by ultraviolet rays

🔹Specially added Nobel Prize ingredient-Fullerene, the goddess ingredient in the hairdressing and maintenance industry, which can remove free radicals that promote scalp aging. The antioxidant effect is 172 times higher than that of vitamin C. It can purify the scalp and protect the hair against ultraviolet rays, enhance the overall moisturizing power, and strengthen the hair protection effect. It can also activate cells, promote collagen synthesis, and enhance the firmness and elasticity of the scalp.

・Anti-UV protection

・Anti-aging scalp

・Organic ingredients: Baccarat oil, cocoa seed oil, inca oil, nut oil, bitter tea tree oil

・Moisturizing repair: 18-MEA, plant extract ceramide, squalene


Fragrance level:

Top notes-apple, black currant, lavender

Middle notes-jasmine, lily, rose

Base notes-herbal ambergris, musk

Suitable for:

・Those who are damaged after electric dyeing

・Those with rough hair

・Dry and messy hair

・For those who are not easy to comb


Paimore Cedeau Organic REPAIR MILK

Capacity: 120ML

*Deep special beauty formula to moisturize hair

*ORGANIC Herbal Extraction

*Intensively repair damaged hair, strengthen hair strands, soften hair, make hair more hydrated, healthy and shiny

*Suitable for people with electric hair and dyed hair to make the color and shape more prominent

* Fruity floral scent, fresh and feminine.

*Contains five kinds of organic ingredients plus ultra-precision technology to refine ingredients, deeply penetrate into the hair core

*Deep into the core to improve water retention and elasticity.


Paimore Cedeau Organic REPAIR MILK 120mL

SKU: 350
PriceFrom HK$128.00
  • How to use: It can be used on wet or dry hair.

    Wet hair-Wipe the hair half-dry, take an appropriate amount (approximately press twice on the shoulders) and apply it on the palm of the hand. Apply evenly from the end of the hair to the middle and back of the hair and then blow dry.

    Dry hair-If there is dryness, frizz, etc., take an appropriate amount (press once) and apply to the end of the hair until it is completely absorbed.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you need to pay the return shipping cost. Thank you.

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