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OLAPLEX BROAD SPECTRUM CHELATING TREATMENT Spectrum Deep Purifying Hair Treatment 370ml


Advanced treatment for damaged hair. It removes unwanted impurities and minerals, restoring the health of the hair and protecting it from future damage. This treatment is intended to be used regularly as part of your hair care routine to keep hair healthy and strong.


Target Audience:
Recommended for those with damaged hair who want to restore hair health and prevent future damage. It's ideal for anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy and strong, regardless of hair type.


Mainly composed of the following ingredients:
Broad Spectrum Chelation Blend.

Composed of a powerful chelating complex (anti-metal action), we highlight Plum Extract and Kakadu, rich in antioxidants (vitamin C) with broad-spectrum action to purify the cortex and soothe the scalp. Contains no surfactants.
Bisaminopropyl Diethylene Glycol Dimaleate

is a technology that has revolutionized hair care. In this sense, it is highly effective in repairing broken hair, improving its vitality, strength and shine.

It has laid the perfect foundation for achieving better results in technical work.

Does not contain Butylphenyl Methylpropionate.



✅Professional care for deep cleaning

✅Maintain hydration and protein levels

✅Removes multiple metals, enabling subsequent processing to go deeper

✅Calm the scalp

✅ Repair hair damage

✅Great for use prior to chemical services for enhanced results

✅Suitable for all hair types and textures

✅Antioxidant protection against pollution and free radicals.



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OLAPLEX's patented technology is composed of a single molecule, free of silicone and oil, which significantly improves hair strength and protection for hair from the inside out, and provides instant results. OLAPLEX effectively rebuilds the deep structure of the hair with minimal damage to hair that is generally damaged due to aging, environmental damage, electro-dyeing or using overheated curling irons, or tight hair styling.

OLAPLEX BROAD SPECTRUM CHELATING TREATMENT Spectrum Deep Purifying Hair Treatment 370ml

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  • 染燙化學處理前使用:

    1. 首先, 洗頭並保持 1-5 分鐘以去除任何堆積物。
    2. 然後從根部到末端均勻地塗抹1-3泵的光譜深層淨化髮絲護理。 用手掌梳理頭髮並保持 15-30 分鐘。
    3. 接著繼續使用洗髮水沖水,建議配合 Olaplex No.4 Bond 保養洗髮水。


    塗抹在清潔、濕潤的頭髮上,輕輕按摩至頭髮中。保持 5 到 10 分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。為了獲得最佳效果,請定期使用,作為日常護髮的一部分。

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