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Nirvel Styling Matte Hair Wax


The wax has a matte effect and is quick and easy to apply. It can shape any hairstyle.

✅Emphasize details and create texture

✅The average fixation and elasticity of the wax allows you to experiment with styles and effects

✅Natural wax can keep hair moisture and volume

✅Wax with matte effect

✅Quick and easy application

✅The styling is slightly neutral, which can shape any more natural hairstyle


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Nirvel Professional-Hair Care Cosmetics (Nirvel)-Spain.

The unique Nirvel Professional company has created excellent hair care products for more than 35 years, which will help unleash all the potential possibilities of hairdressing and ideally meet the needs of any customer.

Nirvel Styling Matte Wax 50ml

SKU: 5556
HK$130.00 Regular Price
HK$70.00Sale Price
  • Apply a small amount and rub with your hands, apply to the hair and define the hairstyle.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you need to pay the return shipping cost. thanks.​

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