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Nirvel Professional Care Complex Anti-Hair Loss Control Lotion 150ml

The compound anti-hair loss hair loss control lotion is based on targeted strengthening, nutrition and stimulating hair follicle activities. Its ingredients include Follicusan complex, which is one of the most valuable hair growth regulators, so hair loss can be significantly reduced.

✅Professional lotion to prevent hair loss

✅Strengthen hair follicles, strengthen the weak hair

✅Clean and protect the scalp. Cleans, prepares and nourishes hair follicles

✅Reduce the secretion of head oil, keep hair follicles fresh and reduce the chance of hair loss

✅The formula contains high concentration of vitamins, which can promote hair growth and keep hair healthy and strong.

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Nirvel Professional-Hair Care Cosmetics (Nirvel)-Spain.

The unique Nirvel Professional company has created excellent hair care products for more than 35 years, which will help unleash all the potential possibilities of hairdressing and ideally meet the needs of any customer.

Nirvel Professional Care Complex Anti-Hair Loss Control Lotion 150ml

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  • Apply the lotion to the scalp, 1 drop per 1 cm, gently massage in circular motions. Do not rinse.

    1-2 times a week

    Recommendation: For best results, use anti-hair loss shampoo before using lotion.

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