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📌Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil 200ml


The deeply moisturizing and residue-free formula not only repairs the hair, but also acts as a styling and smoothing tool, and can greatly shorten the time for blow-drying and shirting. Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil Its formula can completely replenish the protein lost by the hair.



🔹Multipurpose, deep nourishment and no residue formula can effectively repair hair

🔹Fatty acids, Omega 3 and a variety of vitamins can make hair shiny and shiny, and its anti-nutrient ingredients can protect hair from damage

🔹Contains rich vitamin E, protein and antioxidant ingredients, and a large amount of selected Argan oil. Just one swipe, it will be smooth and not tangled, soft and easy to comb, prevent breakage and split ends, anti-heat and sunscreen effects

🔹The star's new favorite hair oil has also been reported in fashion newspapers and magazines in many major cities around the world



Moroccanoil Moroccan Oil 200ml

SKU: 1234556
PriceFrom HK$232.00
  • After shampooing, use a towel to remove excess water from the hair, apply it evenly on the left hair tail before the hair is completely dry, and use it on the 70% dry hair tail

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