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Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Gelserum Post-Bleach Serum 120ml


After bleaching, it is easy to make the hair dull
In response to the above points, Milbon launched a new post-bleaching extreme moisturizing repair series


🔹Suitable for people after bleaching and dyeing


🔹Main ingredients

・Cation complex
Contains cationic ingredients that soften hair
・ Baobab oil

Growing in Africa, also known as the tree of life, it is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave a greasy feel. It contains high oxidative ingredients, similar to hair fat, so it can smoothly penetrate the inside of the hair and form a protective film. It is one of the best hair care oils.
It is a newly developed keratin protein (Keratin), which can reorganize and regenerate the damaged hair, evenly repair the damaged hair to the end of the hair, and restore the hair to a state where it can lock in moisture, making it healthier and lustrous.
・Echinacea Extract
Moisturize hair and allow fingers to pass.


🔹Clear crystal musk fragrance


Milbon Elujuda Bleach Care Gelserum Post-Bleach Serum 120ml

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  • (1) After drying with a towel, take an appropriate amount and apply from the middle to the ends of the hair with your fingers.

    (2) Dry your hair with your fingers and tie the ends together.

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