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Milbon Professional Hair Mask Ex Boyfriend Hair Mask MU 4X 9g


Japan's NO.1 Milbon professional hair care brand, Salon-level treatment, has won unanimous praise from users!

Milbon has been specially developed for hair that has been electro-, dyed or negatively ionized, and you can enjoy the Salon-grade oil-baked effect at home.

Milbon treament can quickly penetrate into damaged hair, replenish oil and moisture inside the hair core, and completely improve dryness, dullness and poor hand feel.


In order to meet the needs of different hair types, three formulas are specially developed:

4: Suitable for young, fine or slightly damaged hair
Contains virtual hair scales, which can adhere to the epidermis of the hair, improve the smoothness of the hair surface, and completely improve the problems of eversion and poor touch of the epidermis on the hair surface.

4+: Suitable for hard, coarse or moderately damaged hair
The polysaccharide containing sublunar polysaccharide has a high moisturizing effect, can quickly replenish moisture to the flat part of the hair, make it return to normal state, completely improve the problem of the breakdown of the moisture balance function, and the hair tends to be flat and warped.

4X: Suitable for coarse, very dry or very damaged hair
Its moisturizing level is comparable to that of baking oil, it immediately repairs damaged split ends, and restores dull hair to luster



Milbon Professional Hair Mask Ex Boyfriend Hair Mask MU 4X 9g (3 hair types)

SKU: 3467
PriceFrom HK$40.00
  • 1) 1 Pack of 4 sticks of Hair Treatment, use one stick per week
    2) Rinse your hair with shampoo first, pour an appropriate amount of conditioner into your palm and apply it evenly on your hair
    3) Avoid touching the roots of the hair, then gently massage the hair for one to two minutes
    4) Leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with water

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