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Loreal Elnet Satin Spray Hard 207g (rose fragrance/unscented)


A classic setting spray that continues to support expertise and creativity around the world.
Hard hold maintains your style for a long time.
It leaves your hair shiny and beautiful without any stickiness and maintains your favorite style while protecting against moisture and static.
This styling spray is recommended for those who want to maintain the look they have decided on, such as updos, waves and blow-dry styles.


✅RESTYLABLE NON-FLAEL FORMULA An amazing formula that won't flake even after brushing after spraying and can be restyled.
✅Ultra-fine particle spray, even application. Cloud-like light mist spray produced by micro-diffuser, applied evenly.
✅Stylish yet traditional design A design that has remained unchanged for 50 years. Matte gold tin with subtle graphics.
✅Keeps it light and fluffy for a soft and fluffy style
✅Can be used in a variety of looks!

・Maintain airy, flowing waves and elegant curls

・Prevents curls and frizzy ends ・Also makes the top and back of the head fluffy

・Bang control to prevent frizz, breakage and frizz

-Improves the slippage when hair is tangled or knotted, making it easier to comb
✅Added fragrance-free formula, a pure version that does not leave any smell, so you can use it with confidence no matter what the situation.


■Setting power: 4/5
■Glossiness: 3.5/5
■Weight: 2.5/5


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Elnet Satin Hairspray, the hairspray star that is always at the forefront of trends. Nicknamed the "Golden Goddess," the product was developed in France in 1960, and since then L'Oréal has become known for its perfect hold and ability to detangle hair with ease with a brush. The excellent formula created by research and the unique technology of the institute make it an indispensable item not only for professional hairstylists when taking photos, but also for salon hairdressers. It has been seen backstage at fashion shows around the world for many years, including the Tokyo collection. It has become a must-have for professional hairstylists styling the hair of leading actresses on red carpets and film shoots.

Loreal Elnet Satin Spray Hard 207g (rose fragrance/unscented)

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  • Shake well before use and spray on finished hairstyle to make the style last longer.

    ☆Usage tips☆
    For currently popular hairstyles such as curly hair and loose half-tied hair, we recommend using "L'Oreal Elnet Pur"!
    Simply spray it lightly into hair and run your hands through to create a shiny, clump-free texture that lasts all day. If you don't like hardening sprays or sticky waxes but want to maintain a natural look, give these a try.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. Firstly, you need to notify us via email within the first 7 days after receiving our product. However, you will need to pay return shipping costs. Thank you. ​

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