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📌LebeL MOII BALM WALK IN FOREST Angel Hair Balm 37g


Made with 100% natural ingredients, the All-Around Conditioner is an essential daily treatment. With its excellent moisturizing properties, the hair cream provides hydration and makes hair manageable, especially if the ends of the hair are prone to frizz. After applying to hair, gently spread on hands and skin. The nostalgic aroma is reminiscent of a forest and has a soothing effect on the mind.


🔹Create a slightly moist, plump sense of bundle and movement

🔹Repairs and moisturizes, makes the fluffy and frizzy hair end sticky, and does not hurt the hair, not sticky, easy to clean, mainly produces a glossy and slightly wet effect 


🔹Essential oil with superior moisturizing power: It can provide comfortable repair to skin and hair, and the moisturizing power of three kinds of superior essential oils are all added to the product.

🔹Marula Oil
Rare essential oil extracted from the fruit of the sumac nut tree called "Sacred Wood" in South Africa.
Has excellent moisturizing power, has a good effect on hair and skin, can give luster and

🔹baobab oil
– Essential oil extracted from the seeds of the tree baobab tree, which is more than a thousand years old.
Lightweight texture and high moisturizing power, repairs skin and hair.

🔹 Avocado essential oil
– The fruit with the highest nutritional value in the world is also published in the Guinness Book of World Records from avocado extract
of essential oils.

🔹Shea butter, moisturizing hair, moisturizing hair care


🔹Solid moisturizing power keeps hair and skin from drying out and keeping moisturizing

🔹Wooden aroma, relaxing woody aroma

● Highly moisturizing but not sticky at all and easy to organize
● You will not feel the smell of fuel consumption after time passes, and the good texture will last all day!
● Suitable for braiding or dynamic presentation. Want to show good texture performance


LebeL MOII BALM WALK IN FOREST Angel Hair Balm 37g

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    To use on dry hair, rub moii balm from the bottom to the ends of the hair, then adjust the tufts with your hands to create a shiny, slightly damp, dynamic look. Excellent moisturizing power also moisturizes hands and skin.

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