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Lazulite B5 Infant Premier Complex Smoothing Balm home repair soft hair cream (recommendation for repairing after perm and dyeing)

Capacity: 100ml

✅Patented compound formula is specially developed for highly damaged hair

✅ Thoroughly repair dry hair, split ends, broken hair, high protein and moisture loss

✅Intensive care, repair, reorganization and reconstruction of internal structure

✅Regenerate hair, restore lightness, suppleness, health and beauty.

✅For the hair after the treatment as a nutritional supplement effect

✅No need to rinse, easy to use

Lazulite B5 Infant Premier Complex Smoothing Balm 100ml

SKU: 5555555
HK$212.00 Regular Price
HK$112.00Sale Price
  • It is used at the ends of the hair before blowing, and it is used to add moisture to the soft hair when styling. 

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