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K18 BIOMIMETIC HAIRSCIENCE Leave-in 4 Minutes Home Repair Hair Mask 50ml


K18 is the first biotechnology product in the market that can reconnect broken keratin chains, and it only takes 4 minutes to replenish the deepest collagen keratin in the hair to quickly strengthen the hair structure.


Product Features:

Inspire more hair creativity without worrying about damaging your hair. Strength and elasticity to restore health to any hair type.
✅Patented bioactive peptide biotechnology products
✅Replenish collagen keratin in the deepest layer of hair
✅Comprehensively repair hair structure
✅Provides the ultimate repair that cannot be washed off
✅Effectively reduce hair breakage, especially suitable for hair treated with hair bleach and hair dye

✅Clinical tests have proven to help hair return to 91% of the toughness and 94% of the original hair quality

✅Make hair soft and smooth, smooth hair frizz

✅Vegan, not tested on animals



K18 BIOMIMETIC HAIRSCIENCE Leave-in 4 Minutes Home Repair Hair Mask 50ml

SKU: 32322223
PriceFrom HK$42.00

    Step 1: After shampooing, dry excess water with a towel (reminder: no conditioner is required).

    Step 2: Take the amount of pressing, the amount can be adjusted according to different lengths, thicknesses and hair conditions (*Please refer to the last chart on the right to measure the amount used for fine to thick hair).

    Step 3: After each press, apply to hair by hand, then use a comb to evenly comb through each strand of hair from the end to the root.

    Step 4: Wait 4 minutes for hair to absorb. Step 5: Blow dry hair directly after finishing, no need to rinse.

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