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K18 BIOMIMETIC HAIRSCIENCE Leave-in 4 Minutes Home Repair Hair Mask 50ml


K18 is the first biotechnology product on the market that can reconnect broken keratin chains. It is compatible with all professional hair salon services. It only takes 4 minutes to replenish the deepest collagen keratin in the hair to quickly strengthen the hair structure and maintain the hair in a healthy state.


Product Features:

✅Patented bioactive peptide biotechnology products
✅Open the scaly surface of the hair at a pH of 5 – 8.0, allowing K18Peptide™ to penetrate into the hair core
✅Especially suitable for stabilizing damaged hair before using hair bleach, hair dye and chemical treatment
✅Quickly strengthen the hair structure at the beginning by replenishing the collagen keratin in the deepest layer of the hair
✅Greatly reduce the degree of damage to the hair caused by the potion during the chemical treatment

✅Use it together with K18 hair mask after use, so that the effect of progressive hair core repair is better

✅Able to maintain 91% of the original hair strength and restore 94% of the original hair elasticity

✅Vegan, not tested on animals



K18 4 Minute Molecular Spray 150ml

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  • Step 1: Spray wet hair lightly with water.
    Step 2: Spray K18 Introductory Spray evenly on each section of hair and wait for 4 minutes without rinsing hair. (Adjust the dosage according to the length and condition of the hair, please refer to the chart for details)
    *Before adding any potion formula to the hair, the hair needs to be sprayed with K18 introduction spray to strengthen the hair structure.
    Step 3: Apply the lotion directly to the hair that has been treated with K18 Introductory Spray.
    Step 4: Bleaching/perming/straightening hair as usual.
    Step 5: After finishing the chemical treatment of bleached/colored hair/straight hair, it is recommended to use it together with K18 hair mask, so that the gradual repair of the hair core structure will have a better effect.

    Step 4: Wait 4 minutes for hair to absorb.

    Step 5: Blow dry hair directly after finishing, no need to rinse.

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