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K Skin Golden Rice Straightening and Curling Comb Upgraded Version (Mow Queen) Quick-acting and straightening, anti-scald, constant temperature care, heating and perm, upgraded version of Straightening and Curling Comb, Lazy Blessing, Quick-acting and Straightening✅ The exquisite packaging comes with a flat comb and a hair clip ✅Equipped with intelligent temperature control function temperature control, adjustable range 130-200°C, low and high heat settings for different hair types, suitable for soft hair and hard hair ✅ceramic Harmonic ion technology can prevent frizz and maintain the appearance and health of the hair ✅Upgrade 2 million negative ion hair care, the hair care effect is better, the hair is no longer dry and frizzy, and can be used every day. ✅LCD display, temperature display is clearer✅Negative ions will be released during the hairdressing process to prevent frizz, remove static electricity, and nourish the hair to prevent bifurcation. ✅PTC heating device has the advantage of spontaneous constant temperature. Adjustable temperature✅ 9-level temperature adjustment can better cater to different hair styling needs, and easily select the most suitable temperature for hair. ✅Ergonomic handle, easy to hold and use ✅U-shaped anti-scald comb teeth on the outer layer, which can prevent the scalp from being burned, ✅even natural hair is slightly curly, frizzy, knotted, split, static messy The hair quality can be restored to a straight and smooth state after use. ✅The operation is simple, one comb is straight, without any professional skills, convenient and fast. Its appearance is like a hair comb, and the operation method is like normal hair combing. It can straighten the hair and remove frizz with a few gentle combing. The hair can be rolled inward around the comb, and it can be easily combed. 25 comb-tooth designs such as "Pear Flower Head" and Korean-style bangs at the end of the curl-fast and even heat distribution 30s fast preheating-no need to wait, just make a cup PTC ceramic sheet heating technology when coffee is used. Constant temperature hair care and heat insulation comb teeth to prevent scalding. Rated voltage: 220V~, 50Hz 34W. Heating temperature: about 130℃-200℃ Heating method: PTC heating Product size: 310x46x45mm Net weight: 386g

K Skin Golden Rice Comb for Straight and Curly Hair Upgraded Version

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  • Straight hair styling, can eliminate frizz and soften hair with a simple comb

    You can also make pear flower head or eight-character bangs with some small skills.

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