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K Skin Golden Rice Comb for Straight and Curly Hair (Cat Model)


Quick-acting and straightening, anti-scald, constant temperature hair care

Perm hair care, straight and curly hair comb, lazy boon, quick-acting and straightening


✅Equipped with intelligent temperature control function temperature control, adjustable range 130-200 °C, low and high heat settings for different hair types, suitable for soft and thick hair

✅Ceramic and ionic technology can prevent frizz and maintain the appearance and health of the hair

✅Negative ion hair care function, which will release negative ions during the hairdressing process to prevent frizz, remove static electricity, and nourish the hair to prevent bifurcation

✅PTC heating device has the advantage of spontaneous constant temperature

✅Rapid heating within 30 seconds, and then the temperature can be adjusted

✅Ergonomic handle, easy to hold and use

✅The outer layer has U-shaped anti-scald comb teeth, which can prevent the scalp from being burned.

✅Even if the hair is naturally slightly curly, frizzy, knotted, split, or statically messy, it can return to a straight and smooth state after use.

✅The operation is simple, one comb is straight, does not require any professional skills, convenient and fast. Its appearance is like a hair comb, and the operation method is like normal hair combing. It can straighten the hair and remove frizz with a few gentle combing.

✅Straight curling dual-purpose versatile style, as long as the hair end is clipped into the comb teeth, and the hair can be rolled inward around the comb, and it is easy to comb the "pear flower head", Korean-style bangs, etc.

25 comb teeth design-heat quickly and evenly distributed

30s fast preheating-no need to wait, just make a cup of coffee

PTC ceramic sheet heating technology constant temperature hair care

Insulated comb teeth to prevent scalding

Five-speed adjustment and intelligent temperature control: different hair types are optional


Rated voltage: 220V~, 50Hz 34W

Heating temperature: about 130℃-200℃

Heating method: PTC heating product

Size: 310x46x45mm

Net weight: 386 grams


1 year warranty provided by Hong Kong Codes Codes

K Skin Comb for Straight and Curly Hair

SKU: 4567
HK$470.00 Regular Price
HK$410.00Sale Price
  • Straight hair styling, easy to comb can eliminate frizz and smooth hair

    You can also make pear flower heads or bangs with a few tricks.

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