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📌KÉRASTASE Chronologiste Anti-aging Perfect Repair Hair Mask 200mL


KÉRASTASE Chronologiciste reverse time perfect repair series, the concept of hair care into skin care, hair as skin care, adding high-efficiency skin care formula and ingredients in hair care products, so that the scalp and hair can restore or maintain the most youthful state. Inspired by precious caviar, the series contains ingredients commonly used in skin care products such as hyaluronic acid, active sea essence, and vitamin E to moisturize hair, enhance luster, and resist frizz. This series is KÉRASTASE's first all-round repair series. It targets the aging problems of scalp and hair in different degrees. It is suitable for people with dry, sensitive and loose scalp. It can improve the problems of fragile, fragile, thin and dull hair. Prevent early aging, scalp and hair instant anti-aging effect


🔹A hair care mask that efficiently nourishes the skin and hair of the head. It contains active sea source essence, which can repair the hair and make it softer and smoother, achieving an unexpected repairing effect.
🔹For those with dull, brittle hair

🔹Contains hyaluronic acid formula to moisturize and moisturize the scalp and hair fiber

🔹Provides intense hydration, long-lasting frizz control, 6x more shine and stronger fibers for youthful bounce and sexiness.

🔹Infused Vitamin E has antioxidant properties to defend against external aggressors

🔹Protects against damage from UV rays, pollution and free radicals

🔹Signature Chronologiste fragrance infused with high-end perfumes, bringing a luxurious sensory experience

🔹Hair looks softer, fuller, bouncier and stronger


KÉRASTASE Chronologiste Anti-aging Perfect Repair Hair Mask 200mL

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    After using Reverse Time Perfecting Body Wash, apply from mid-lengths to ends, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.  

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