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Joico K-pak Creme Lighter Bleaching Cream 300g


Joico's fragrance-free Vero K-Pak Creme Lightener can provide up to 8 levels of bleaching effect without the risk of dryness and dullness. Using Joico's patented Quadramine Complex, it protects and regulates the natural lipid structure of the hair during the process.


🔹Quick action, 8 shades lighter, can be used with or without touching the scalp

🔹Tetraamine compound formula provides the best hair restoration effect during the hair dyeing process

🔹Shea butter protects hair and relieves sensitive scalp

🔹Moisturizing sorbitol crystals, providing the best hair protection


Joico K-pak Creme Lighter Bleaching Cream 300g

SKU: 2678
HK$95.00 Regular Price
HK$75.00Sale Price

    For professional use only:

    Mix with hydrogen peroxide:

    • Used near the scalp  : Ratio 1:1  20 (cannot be higher than 6%)


    • Outside the scalp : 1:1 ratio     40 (12%)

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