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📌 JOICO JoiFULL Volumizing Shampoo 1000ml


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Volumizing shampoos in the JoiFULL range add volume to hair and are formulated to maintain plush, long-lasting volume for a natural feel. This shampoo has a thick gel texture that creates a rich lather that gently removes oil and dirt from fine hair.

Enriched with amino acids, this shampoo thickens and lifts hair, using patented Smartrelease technology to enrich tresses with rice protein and bamboo extract. This unique delivery system encapsulates triple power ingredients in an invisible liposome to provide sustained release to hair, protecting it from repeated damage from everyday styling.

Thoroughly cleansed from root to tip to lay the foundation for volume, this shampoo leaves your hair clean and radiant, protected from moisture and nourished.


The ingredients in JoiFull lift hair for fullness and healthy, strong, lustrous hair with long-lasting results.


🔹Rice protein is rich in amino acids that help strengthen and thicken hair while providing a fuller feel and visible lift for fine and soft hair.

🔹Bamboo extract is fibrous and rich in silica to help add volume while promoting thicker, stronger and more radiant.

🔹 SMARTRELEASE technology

Unique Liposome Delivery System The unique delivery system provides sustained release to the hair, protecting it from repeated damage from daily styling and wear and tear.


JOICO JoiFULL Volumizing Shampoo 1000ml

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     After shampooing hair and scalp with lukewarm water until damp, apply appropriate amount of shampoo evenly to hair and scalp, massage gently and evenly until foaming, then rinse thoroughly with water.

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