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John Masters Organics Tea Tree Oil Scalp Purifying Exfoliating Scrub 142g


Exfoliate, detox, moisturize and treat dandruff with John Masters Organics Scalp Exfoliating Scrub with Sugar Cane and Tea Tree Oil.

This scalp scrub contains four natural exfoliants - organic sugar cane, bamboo, pumpkin enzymes and AHA botanical fruit extracts.

Helps remove dandruff, buildup and excess sebum.

Organic tea tree oil and wild thyme detoxify and help treat a healthy, scaly free scalp.  

Scalp health is very important to keep your hair healthy.

Environmental pollution , styling products, and the use of clogging and harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the scalp, leading to hair loss, hair loss, and unhealthy hair.  


✅Natural surfactant

✅More than 70% organic matter

✅Detoxifies damaged scalp for a cleaner environment and promotes stronger hair without excess oil production

✅ Calms and soothes itchy scalp

✅Helps clean the scalp and targets clogged pores



✅Main ingredients

- Organic sugar cane and bamboo help improve scalp texture and instantly remove build-up and flaky skin.
- Natural pumpkin enzymes and AHA plant fruit extracts promote healthy scalp through cell renewal without irritation.
- Organic tea tree oil and wild thyme detoxify the scalp and help treat flaky follicle areas.

John Masters Organics Tea Tree Oil Scalp Purifying Exfoliating Scrub 142g

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  • Use before shampooing and on a small damp scalp.

    Squeeze a small amount at a time, enough for 1 scalp area. Use more product if needed.

    Apply directly to fingertips and massage directly into scalp. Apply from the hairline to the middle of the scalp.

    Hold for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then use your daily shampoo and conditioner.

    Use every other day for the first few weeks, then 1 to 2 times a week after that.

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