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Inebrya Ice Cream CURLY PLUS Curl Hair Mask 500ml


A complete line of treatments to trim, firm and style curly hair of all types.

Based on ceramides and moringa, it leaves hair soft and silky while giving it volume and volume. It moisturizes the hair, counteracts the formation of split ends, acts as a film and seals. Ideal for curly, wavy hair.


✅Enriched with moringa extract, it detangles and nourishes hair with effective anti-frizz properties

✅ Strengthens curls, making them defined and bouncy

✅Specially designed for natural waves and perms

✅Gives firmness, shine and tone to hair. Softens and hydrates without weighing down

✅It is rich in ingredients: ceramides, amino acids, honey and Moringa extract

✅No SLS/SLES, no silicone. Vegetarian recipe.


Inebrya Ice Cream CURLY PLUS Curl Hair Mask 500ml/1000ml

SKU: 68985447
PriceFrom HK$140.00
  • After shampooing, apply evenly to ends and ends and comb through. Leave on for up to 5 minutes, then rinse off.

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