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🔥Local brand Hong Kong homebrew repair and smoothing spray/200ml

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✅Natural hair styling products, carefully selected natural materials imported from the United States, all hand-made Brew For Humans made in Hong Kong is their brand's philosophy. They pay attention to the selection of materials and their products do not contain any harmful ingredients. In addition to being a hair styling tool, it can also maintain hair Supplements to achieve both styling and healthy hair.

✅The scent of the whole series is full of morning and morning freshness and invigorating effect. After continuous experimentation, we chose pheasant pepper as the main tone of this fresh scent. Pheasant pepper essential oil has a lemon scent, contains high content of geranial and nerolal, and has good cleaning and purifying power, and has strong bactericidal power. The scent of pheasant pepper essential oil has anti-depressant effects, stimulates the body and mind and gives vitality, bringing you a refreshing and boosting good mood and strong positive energy.



🔥Smooth & Thermal Shield Repair and Smoothing Spray/200ml


✅Smooth & Thermal Shield repairing and smoothing spray is especially suitable for users who use air ducts or heating styling tools in the morning and evening. After using this spray, a natural protective layer can be formed on the hair, heat and water lock, and protect the hair from After using thermal styling tools, it becomes dry and split ends, which also effectively smoothes the stubborn hair and keeps the hair smooth.


👍Ingredients: Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil PEG40, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil, Phenoxyethonal


❌The product does not contain the following harmful ingredients:-Alcohol Free-Paraben Free-Petrolatum Free-EDTA Free-Artificial Colorants Free-Cruelty Free-Fragrance Free


✅Foreign users review price


🔥We sincerely recommend the products developed by Hong Kong local conscience companies over the years! ! !

🔥Pay attention to material selection and insist on using natural materials imported from the United States, all handmade in Hong Kong.

hongkonghome brew 家釀 修護順滑噴霧 /200ml

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  • About 5-10 cm away from the hair, spray it evenly on the hair, and then use your hands to smoothly drop from the middle of the hair to the tail.

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