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HH SIMONSEN Anti-Yellow Shampoo is a protective and nourishing shampoo,

Perfect for dyed blond or grey/ice yellow hair, the perfect blend of blue, purple and green pigments removes unwanted yellow tones without stress, while the shampoo protects the hair "True" colors are protected from UV rays.




✅Natural keratin, contains the same amino acids as hair

✅ Eliminate yellow tint

✅ Silicone free

✅ Contains hydrolyzed keratin and macadamia nut oil

✅Super concentrated formula, 250ML is equal to the shampoo effect of 750ML of general shampoo in the market

✅Unique patented bottle, can maintain the activity of keratin,

✅Makes hair even, healthy and protected from UV rays

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HH Simonsen – Wetline Anti-Yellow Shampoo 250ml

SKU: 55432222
HK$330.00 Regular Price
HK$279.00Sale Price
  • Apply shampoo to hair and distribute evenly with massaging motions. Rinse thoroughly.



  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our product. However, you will need to pay for the return shipping. thanks.​

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