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HENNA BLOSSOMS series, a professional hair dye and care brand, is aimed at healthy and color-locking hair care. The brand is sold all over the world.

Specially developed, natural and mild formula for Asians



✅Multiple flower and grass seed extracts are secreted from the roots to restore the health of the scalp

✅5 kinds of vegetable oils and extracts, can gently clean the hair and scalp

✅Helps to moisturize and maintain hair moisture balance, providing sufficient nutrition for hair

✅Promote blood circulation and reduce hair loss

✅Cool mint ingredients to relieve fatigue

✅High concentration of mung bean extract, flower and nut oil

✅Soothes the scalp and hair follicles

✅Remove accumulated residual impurities, make the scalp feel cool and pure, without excessive drying of the hair.

✅No scalp burden, no heavy hair


Containing 5 kinds of vegetable oils and extracts + Pea Extract is very beneficial for hair growth, providing essential nutrients and antioxidants for the scalp and hair, and revitalizing the hair from the roots. Research results show that pea sprout extract helps shorten the resting period in the hair growth cycle and helps strengthen hair follicle stem cells.


+Rosemary Oil

The ingredients of rosemary have the effect of stimulating hair growth and promoting blood circulation in the scalp. It is commonly used to deal with related problems such as hair loss and dandruff, restore hair follicles and skin cells to health, and restore a beautiful look to the hair.

+Borage Oil Starflower Oil

Promote hair health. Its fatty acids can positively promote hair growth. Flax Oil can replenish moisture to hair, reduce frizz and dryness, and make hair better. Many users say that it helps reduce hair loss, breakage and split ends. Because the omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed are one of the essential nutrients for hair follicles. Omega-3 fatty acids can effectively reduce hair breakage, improve hair quality, and make hair soft and elastic.

+Pistachio Oil

It is rich in nutrients such as fat, protein, sugar, potassium, etc. or contains vitamin E, which has anti-aging effects, can prevent aging, and can easily soften hair ends.


❌No added preservatives Paraben Free

❌Colorant free

❌Fragrance free


Combine with the same series of avocado bake oil for better effect

Henna Blossoms Icy Mint Detox Shampoo 500mL

SKU: 0006
HK$155.00 Regular Price
HK$95.00Sale Price
  • After washing the hair and scalp with warm water until it is soaked, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo evenly on the hair and scalp, massage gently and evenly until foaming, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

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