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Professional hairdressing brand Shine Moist professional hair coloring care brand

HENNA BLOSSOMS series, aimed at healthy color lock hair care, brand sales all over the world.

Specially developed, natural and mild formula for Asians


Henna Blossoms Natural Color Dyeing Oil 300g


It is especially suitable for color correction or color correction after bleaching and dyeing. Generally, if you need to correct the hair color after bleaching and dyeing, for example, if the fog color system does not achieve the effect, you can use this to correct it. It can also be used for color correction after dyeing. Some colors can even cover white. send. Adding hair care ingredients can achieve a better care effect in addition to color supplement.





✅A variety of colors are available for blending your own unique colors

✅3loves formula contains 3 powerful nourishing and repairing ingredients, which can effectively repair and balance the pH value of the hair, so that your soft hair will emit a healthy and charming natural hair color under the light, satisfying the problem of hair dyeing and not hurting your hair. henna, argan oil, keratin

✅fashion color can be maintained for a period of time 

✅direct color Do not make the ditch, direct color

✅PPD Free

✅Ammonia Free

✅Heavy Metal Free

✅No need to use hydrogen peroxide, healthier and simpler  Peroxide Free

✅Balance the pH value of hair, repair hair scales, improve hair toughness and gloss

✅Won't irritate the scalp, no longer worry about strong irritating smell




Henna Blossoms Natural Color Dyeing Oil 300g

HK$200.00 Regular Price
HK$125.00Sale Price
  • 1. Use only shampoo and warm water before applying color hair mask (no conditioner needed)

    2. Use a towel to dry wet hair, starting from the center of the head, after the cross is divided into 4 areas, then please wear rubber gloves

    3. Apply a colored hair mask on dry hair and start to apply from the back area until it covers all the hair. Add the colored hair mask to the hair again. Do not rub the scalp vigorously to avoid staining the colored hair mask. To the skin of the head and neck

    4. After the color hair mask covers the entire hair on average, wait for about 25 to 30 minutes, and check the color situation every 15 minutes

    5. Wash thoroughly with warm water

    Use the amount, too little will not be able to color. Medium and long hair-whole box product / short hair-about 1/2 the amount

    The color hair mask is not a permanent hair dye, the hair color may fade and maintain 6-14 rinses

    Tips: In order to achieve the best results, wrap the hair mask with the evenly applied color in plastic wrap/disposable shower cap, and heat it with a hot low temperature air duct for 10 minutes

    Healthy natural color [BASIC] HB3001-3006 is most suitable for hair with a pH of 7-8. It has the effect of covering gray hair.

    Korean Pastel [PASTEL] HB3007-3012 is most suitable for hair color after bleaching and dyeing with a pH value of 8-10 or for hair color with a bleaching level of 7-10

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