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Shine Moist professional brand's first micellar magnetic water temperature and makeup remover technology is integrated into the scalp purification. With the Asian scalp, the Micelle magnetic technology can bring some dirt and pollutants to the scalp without burden.


Micellar is micellar water. The size of the colloidal particles is between 1-100nm. They are tiny particles suspended in water that can capture and remove makeup, dirt and pollutants. Micellar absorbs oily substances, such as sebum and oil secretion in the pores, to bring dirt to the surface, instead of scrubbing the skin to remove dirt, makeup and impurities. The styling products used in daily life are not washed clean, resulting in excessive secretion of oil and clogging the hair follicles. Then the scalp will develop large red and red head sores. If left unattended for a long time, the hair follicles may become inflamed and damage the hair follicles. Don't go to the growth period, so the hair becomes dull, and hair loss may even occur.


The owner first tested it and found that I had a lot of oil on my head. After washing, it was really refreshing and my hair problems were improved.


Dirt Magnet Micellar Water 3 in 1 Scalp Removal Purification Micellar Magnet Water 250ml


Product Features: Micelle Hair Makeup Remover, this is exactly the same as makeup remover, it can gently but thoroughly clean the scalp.

💦Clean residual dirt

💦 Disinfect the scalp

💦 Balance scalp pH

💦Vitamin B5 and peppermint


Specially improve the health of the scalp such as

✅Make Colour to get the color of the scalp

✅I floated my head to a bad scalp

✅Washing a clean styling product makes the scalp very painful and large pimples



Step 2. Detoxification: Magnetic absorption technology cleans chemical residues, grease, dirt and pollutants, does not tighten after use, and has no burden on the scalp.

Magnetic technology "Improve scalp condition in 3 seconds"

ShineMoist Magnet:icellar™ : Dirt Magnet Micellar Water 3合1卸淨頭皮净化膠束磁水 250ml

SKU: 0010
HK$300.00 Regular Price
HK$220.00Sale Price

    Spray on the scalp, massage a few times, and flush. No tension after use, no burden on the scalp: deodorizes, deodorizes, clears residues, and balances oil

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