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FEELING Power Point Hair Spray1.0

Focus setting spray 400ml


The owner has been using styling products for public occasions for many years. The products have won many hair styling product awards for many years, which proves that they have been affirmed by users in Hong Kong. The smell is fragrant, the strong styling is strong, the effect is long-lasting, and the hair style is bulky and has no weight. Non-sticky, water-soluble formula is easy to clean.

After styling, you can still comb it at will without white spots.


Main ingredients: Lactic Acid: Effectively increase the collagen and elastic fibers in the hair core, keeping the hair elastic and not rigid

Herbal Essences plant essence: natural moisturizing ingredients, increase collagen and elastic fiber, have a strong styling effect

FEELING Power Point Hair Spray 1.0 400mL

SKU: 233
PriceFrom HK$39.00
  • Proper use: spray from a distance, spray into the air like perfume, let the spray drift down slowly.
    Wrong use: spray too close to the hair, spray directly on the hair

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