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Fanola No Orange Mask Shampoo 350ml


Formulated with intense blue pigments and coconut oil, it protects recently-colored brunettes from redness while adding softness and shine.


• For bleached hair

• Made with rich blue pigments to neutralize orange, red and brassy tones in hair

• For dark brown with highlights, bleach or natural dark brown, use orange remover shampoo every 3 days to keep dark brown tone cool 

• Protects recently colored dark hair from redness while adding softness and shine.

• Coconut oil in its formula, which also adds smoothness and shine to strands

• Helps soothe dry skin and dandruff

• Ideal for dark brown, dark blonde and warm hair colors

Fanola No Orange Mask Shampoo 350ml

SKU: 3345678
PriceFrom HK$90.00
  • Apply to wet hair, leave on for 1-5 minutes, massage into lather and rinse
    Gloves are recommended to avoid skin staining
    Can be used once a week, or washed and used every three days to help eliminate the brassy/red tinge

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