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Fanola Energy Vitamins  Fanola Vitamin Energy Lotion (12x10ml)


Fanola Vitamin Energy Lotion is best for fine and brittle hair. It purifies, strengthens and protects the scalp, aiding its natural physiological balance. The lotion stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth by reactivating the activity of capillary bulbs.


Fanola Vitamins Energy is a range of revitalizing and conditioning treatments ideal for brittle and fine hair, enriched with:

  • Nettle Extract:Provides conditioning effects.
  • Rosemary Extract:Provides an energizing effect.
  • Vitamin B and Vitamin E:Helps improve scalp health.


To verify the effectiveness of the Energy product, Fanola conducted a 6-week test of using a combination of shampoo and lotion. After 6 weeks of treatment, hair loss was reduced by 41%.

Fanola Energy Vitamins Fanola Vitamin Energy Lotion (12x10ml)

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  • After shampooingApply a few drops to a clean, damp scalp without rinsing.

    For better results and stronger hair, combine it with Fanola’s Energy Shampoo.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. Firstly, you need to notify us via email within the first 7 days after receiving our product. However, you will need to pay return shipping costs. Thank you. ​

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