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Zen Active Z10p peeling mask dandruff purification series exfoliating scrub soft mask


Have you ever imagined that apart from our usual facial scrubs, we actually need to do such treatments for dandruff? Even if shampooing is good every day, the scalp may not be clean enough, and the scalp should be cleaned more deeply. Otherwise, clogged hair follicles will easily lead to hair loss, head ulcers, head marks, head irritation, etc. What should I improve? Difficult, except for going to Salon for treatment, you can do it by your own house company. The most basic thing is to do a scrub for the scalp. The principle is the same as you usually do for facial treatment.


🎋Erayba Exfoliating Scrub Soft Mask🎋

✅Suitable for anyone, anti-allergic and anti-dandruff

✅Anti-inflammation, sterilization and anti-clogging, providing a clean and healthy environment for the scalp to allow the hair to grow healthily, and smoothly clean and remove the thick keratin on the scalp and prevent it from reappearing

✅The soft film contains bamboo extract, sugar cane extract, green tea extract, pineapple extract and other natural scrubbing ingredients, which will not burden the scalp, and can deeply cleanse

✅Long-term use will definitely keep your hair healthy and strong

✅To cure hair loss and other problems, start with scalp cleaning.


Gently scalp, remove scalp dirt without leaving a trace

Combined with Z12 bath hair lotion and Z18p purifying essence lotion in its purifying series, the effect of treating dandruff is better

Erayba Professional Line Zen Active Z10p peeling mask Dandruff Purifying Exfoliating Scrub Soft Mask 8 X 15mL

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  • Recommended to use 1-2 times a week

    1) Use before shampooing

    2) Apply an appropriate amount on the scalp

    3) Gently massage with fingertips for about 5-10 minutes

    4) After dandruff and cuticle soften, rinse off with shampoo

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