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Zen Active can restore hair loss, dandruff, oil or seborrheic sebum to a perfect balance. It contains natural plant ingredients, minerals and vitamin complexes to help restore the health and comfort of hair and scalp .


Erayba Z12p Purifying Bath Shampoo is Zen Active series of professional and effective shampoo for dandruff. It can clean the skin without drying and opening the channels, allowing immediate penetration of active ingredients. This is a professional antifungal and antibacterial drug developed by the bioengineers of Erayba Research Laboratory. It is very effective in fighting dandruff and will not appear in the future.


Erayba Professional Line Z12p Purifying Bath Hair Cream

It is a high-quality shampoo lotion that can help restore the health of the epidermis of the head. The formula is rich in powerful antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, which can eliminate white dirt and prevent it from reappearing.

  • Pineapple extract is one of the main active ingredients of Erayba Z12p, which can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and provide vitamin C and A for the scalp.
  • Green tea extract can be used as an effective therapy to treat and protect the scalp and hair.
  • With a pleasant fresh fragrance, it can quickly eliminate scalp irritation and itching.






Erayba Professional Line Z12p Purifying Bath Hair Cream 250mL/1000mL

SKU: 320
PriceFrom HK$130.00
  • Wash your hair and dandruff with shampoo.

    Massage action, evenly distribute each hair strand and scalp, you can also add conditioner according to your needs


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