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Erayba MasterKer M33 Keratin Curly Hair Shaping Milk 100ml


🌟 Give curly hair comprehensive nutrition, containing vitamins and natural care ingredients

🌟Professional curly hair nourishing hair cream, which can care for curly and curly hair.

🌟Provides moisturizing and filling energy for hair

🌟Enhance hair elasticity and shine

🌟Make curls have beautiful shapes, elasticity, gloss, smoothness and easy styling

🌟Contains memory factor CurlMax to shape curls and waves, prevent frizz and have a memory effect.

🌟Suitable for curly hair shaping

🌟No parabens, no sulfates, no formaldehyde


Erayba MasterKer M33 Keratin Curly Hair Shaping Milk 100ml

SKU: 2345
HK$160.00 Regular Price
HK$120.00Sale Price
  • Used for moisturizing, cleaned hair. It can be directly distributed on the hair properly and evenly. After that, use a comb or use the palm of your hand to tidy it up naturally.

    You can blow dry your hair after the period, or dry it yourself.

    In order to obtain the best fixing effect and outstanding curling effect, reapply the cream to the already dry hair.

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