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Ellips Pro-Keratin Hair Mask

The keratin complex effectively repairs and replenishes the most important keratin in the hair lost or damaged by electricity, dyeing and blowing.


Use Ellips Pro-Keratin Complex Keratin Hair Mask to effectively replenish hair keratin. In addition to strengthening the natural protective layer of the hair and resisting external stimuli, it can also nourish and strengthen damaged and fragile hair. Restore gloss.


Capacity: 120g

Style: 3 styles in total


1. Pink-Hair repair is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B5 formula, jojoba oil, Pro keratin complex, suitable for chemically treated (curled or straightened) hair to nourish and protect damaged Hair makes the hair look healthy, soft and beautiful.


2. Yellow-essential for smooth and silky daily care, contains vitamins A, E, B5, rich in keratin and aloe essential oil, can make hair softer, nourish and retain hair moisture, make hair healthier, softer and more shiny .


3. Black-silky black to prevent UV damage to the hair, rich in vitamin A, E, B5 formula, keratin complex, pecan, aloe essential oil, can treat the healthy gloss of black hair, nourish and protect the hair from sunlight , Make hair look darker, healthy, soft and radiant.

Ellips Pro-Keratin hair mask 120g

HK$78.00 Regular Price
HK$63.00Sale Price
Colour effect
  • How to use: After shampooing, apply evenly to the entire hair, massage from the roots to the ends, leave for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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