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CURLY SHYLL Extremely Damaged Shampoo 500ml


✔Korean stylist recommends hot products

 Special shampoo for extremely damaged hair, 4 kinds of collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients, reach the deepest part of the hair, care for softness and elasticity

 Home Care Shampoo


✅Contains seaweed extract and cactus stem extract for added moisture and shine
✅4 kinds of collagen* are added to supply hair and care for damaged hair

*Hydrolyzed soy protein 

*Hydrolyzed Zein 

*Hydrolyzed rice protein

* hydrolyzed potato protein
✅Exclusively for extremely damaged hair and sensitive scalp
✅Free of silicone oil, paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, etc.
✅No harsh chemicals


✅Recommended objects:

・Severely damaged hair due to perm or dyeing

・Hair is often tangled and difficult to comb

・Want to prolong the effect of hair care done at the salon

CURLY SHYLL Extremely Damaged Shampoo 500ml

SKU: 1245667
HK$250.00 Regular Price
HK$238.00Sale Price
  • Comb and comb hair before shampooing Take appropriate amount in hands, knead enough foam, apply to scalp and hair, massage gently, then rinse with warm water, comb and comb hair before shampooing 

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you will need to pay for the return shipping. thanks. ​

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