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Japan 🇯🇵Vantachi Curly Hair Styling Sea Salt Cream 300mL (White)



Vantachi Curly Hair Styling Sea Salt Cream can instantly visibly plump and make your hair thicker. Blended with aloe vera, seaweed extract and sea salt, it can strengthen and strengthen young and weak hair. It contains hydrating plant essential oils, including coconut, magnolia, codonopsis and Hawaiian walnut, which can create attractive volume and elasticity for hair.


Japan 🇯🇵Vantachi Curly Hair Repairing Natural Shaping Cream 300mL (Red)



Vantachi Curly Hair Repairing Natural Shaping Cream is suitable for people who yearn for natural styling. Its magical effect can turn the nearly straight hair back into the dynamic feeling of just electricity. It adds more powerful elastin to make the hair more plump, but it can be lightly styled. Provide a more natural styling effect, make the curl lines stand out and fully emerge. Its unique formula is rich in amino acids and has excellent hair care effects. In addition to obtaining perfect curly hair styling for long-term use, it can also restore dry and dull hair to moisturizing and elasticity, and the taste is fresh and fragrant. Greasy, non-sticky, non-sticky, and easy to clean. It is the best choice for curly hair styling!

Japan Vantachi Curly Hair Repair Serum 300mL

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Colour effect
  • When styling curly hair, it can be used on wet hair, and then let the hair dry naturally or use a wind hood to dry the hair. It can effectively replenish moisture, moisturize and shine, provide the most natural plumping effect and more layered, double repair essence It can provide smoother hair care effect.