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Paimore comfort cream wax shaping ointment cream [soft type]

A professional natural repair cream born from shea butter, Candelilla and herbal ingredients.

✅The shea butter formula gently acts on the hair. It is a mysterious tree of shea butter with unknown power that science does not have. It has natural moisturizing effect and ultraviolet light effect.

✅ Herbal Candelilla has a gloss. A higher fatty acid wax obtained from the stems of candelilla plants in the arid regions of southern Texas.

✅3 Herbal organic ingredients have excellent therapeutic effects.

Sage leaf extract ⇒ emollient effect

Dandelion flower extract ⇒ kneading effect

Chamomile flower extract ⇒ anti-inflammatory effect

✅Apple mint tea aroma

✅Keep the hair strands natural, shiny, comfortable and delicate.

✅Contains natural plant vitamin B, keratin, and 100% water-soluble complex. After styling, it can track and repair hair all day long

✅Lightweight, zero accumulation, zero burden, adjust the curvature anytime and anywhere

✅The neat and dynamic styling is realized one by one, and the hair is never greasy after use

Paimore comfort cream wax shaping ointment cream [soft type] 100g

SKU: 2377
HK$135.00 Regular Price
HK$89.00Sale Price
  • After the hair is dry, just take a small amount in the palm of the hand and push it evenly, and then apply it on the hair.

    It can also be applied to semi-wet hair to create a natural texture and make the final look

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