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Japan MUCOTA Promille Oil Multifunctional Moisturizing Hair Oil (Smoked Chocolate Special Edition)


Promille means 1/1000 as a unit in German.

Dedicated to women who pursue the ultimate in beautiful hair.

Happy to use every day.

Create your own cute shape and support your dedication to 1/1000.


🌸Limited Edition

🔹Based on sesame oil, plus a variety of jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil and other 16 kinds of natural vegetable oils. Ideal for styling, hair care and body moisturizer.

🔹It can moisturize damaged hair and dry skin. Creates a textured yet glossy and moist styling effect.

🔹Promil oil is added with highly moisturizing cocoa extract and fermented soybean milk to create a chocolate aroma

🔹The amino acid contained has excellent moisturizing power, and it is said that it can be low-molecularized and enhance its function through fermentation

🔹Perfect product for hair and skin care, especially in winter when it is prone to dryness

🔹Combined the fragrance of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and rose, the rich and sweet chocolate fragrance makes you relax

🔹Suitable for those who want a smooth and light texture with a fresh glow・Those who want a long-lasting and stable fragrance


✔Perfect as a gift The packaging design is chic, the smoky gray bottle body is combined with the cap, and the cap is engraved with a coin-shaped chocolate heart. This Valentine's Day, gift "Promille Smoked Chocolate" to a loved one, as a token of appreciation for someone who has always taken care of you, or as a reward for yourself



日本MUCOTA Promille Oil 多功能滋潤髮尾油(煙熏巧克力特別版) 150ml

SKU: 122345677
HK$250.00 Regular Price
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  • To use before going out: After styling, take an appropriate amount (3-4 drops) in the palm of your hand and smooth into the ends of your hair.
    When using after bathing: After drying with a towel, take an appropriate amount (3-4 drops) in the palm of your hand, apply to the center of the hair, apply to the entire hair and blow dry

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