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Japan 🇯🇵Vantachi refreshing moisturizing tea tree plant color lock shampoo 530ml (green bottle new, recommended for repair after ironing)


✅High mountain extract nutrient camellia seed extract physiologically active substances, which can effectively lock color and maintain hair

✅Tea seed oil contains linoleic acid and linoleic acid, which can effectively repair dry and damaged hair

✅Strengthen the hair barrier and form a protective film on the surface of the hair

✅Contains a variety of precious ingredients, natural amino acids, plant-based keratin, which can quickly replenish lost water and nutrients

✅Specially added cationic ammonium salt-43, which can prevent hair from drying and antistatic

✅Cool and refreshing formula, can effectively relieve fatigue

✅Balance the hair to restore its elasticity. Natural tea seeds are free of harmful chemicals, such as silicone (clogging pores), SLS (allergenic ingredient), MIT (eczema culprit) and other preservatives. You should know how many by-products on the market also contain these chemicals. You can search online Just know, and we can also know the damage these kinds of substances do to us.


As for the benefits of tea seeds

✅Antibacterial protection of the scalp, tea seeds themselves have a good insecticidal effect, can cure tinea scabies, prevent scalp ringworm and so on.

✅It relieves itching and prevents hair loss. The tea oil has antibacterial and bactericidal effects, which can effectively prevent dandruff and hair loss.

✅Black hair prevents hair loss. Tea seeds are rich in oils, water, tea, and a variety of amino acids, so it can also prevent split ends and breakage, improve damaged hair, and keep hair dark and shiny.

Vantachi Cooling Moisturizing Tea Tree Plant Color-Locking Shampoo 530ml can relieve fatigue, moisturize and replenish nutrition and antistatic effects on perm and dyed hair, and achieve a refreshing and degreasing function. Dry and perm are recommended. Suitable for dyed hair.


Japan 🇯🇵Vantachi Pure Acid Soaking Oil Treatment 530ml (Recommendation for repairing after dyeing)

The effect is immediate. After use, the hair becomes smoother, softer, lighter, dry and split, no knots are visible, whether you are dyeing and perming care, dry hair first aid, daily care. You can use it. Use it once, 9 degree hair loss can be restored to 3 degree health and elasticity. Improve frizz and split ends, deeply care for hair. 💪🏻💪🏻

✅No need to heat, acidic formula, after use will not affect the color or curly hair curl

✅For damaged, electro-dyed and loose hair

✅It is rich in bee essence and vitamin B5, which can replenish the moisture lost by hair in a short time

✅Improve the structure of damaged hair, make the hair soft and easy to comb, moisturize and shine, no longer messy

✅Strengthen the hair barrier and form a protective film on the surface of the hair


The same series of refreshing moisturizing tea tree plant color-locking shampoo and pure acid baking oil 530ml

Vantachi 清涼潤膚茶樹植物鎖色洗護組合

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  • Apply shampoo to moisturized hair, massage until lather and rinse. If necessary, please repeat. For post-wash care, apply the hair care oil to the wet hair that has been washed, wait for more than 15 minutes, and distribute it evenly over the entire length through massage exercises, and finally rinse

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