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Unilever Lux Shining Silk Hair Oil 100ml


LUX Brilliant Rich Oil Velvet Touch combines six types of organic oils, each of which can actively nourish, renew, strengthen and complexly heal strands. This oil is very suitable as an extra care for dry, brittle, and irregular curly hair. Protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer. Sunflower oil can regenerate, moisturize and strengthen hair. Palm oil uses unsaturated fatty acids and other useful nutrients to saturate the hair and restore healthy shine and elasticity. Macadamia oil is also rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements. It effectively strengthens and smoothes the hair, making it easier to manage. Other essential oils and useful ingredients nourish the hair, give it elasticity and prevent harsh environmental factors.


✅Deeply nourishes the hair, provides the ultimate repairing effect for the hair, brings shining luster, the hair is plump and silky after use, and the weight is light and comfortable, not greasy and not greasy. Suitable for dull hair.

✅The LUX Japan Ultimate Repair Essence Oil imported from Japan, the newly upgraded formula adds 3 times the gold argan oil and highly effective penetration amino acid particles, which can lock the damaged parts of the hair and perform intensive repair in an instant to prevent the hair ends from branching and breaking.

✅With just 1-2 shots, your hair can regain health, shine, and become silky smooth.

✅The texture is refreshing and non-greasy, which can effectively nourish the hair and solve the problem of dry hair.

✅Apply before blowing, which can shorten the blowing time and reduce the chance of heat damage to the hair.

Unilever Lux Shining Hair Oil 100ml

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  • 1. After drying or drying the hair with a towel, squeeze the pressure nozzle 1 to 2 times to the palm of the hand, knead it fully until it gets hot, and apply it from the middle of the hair to the tips of the hair to protect the hair from being heated by the hair dryer.​​ dry. 2. Use before styling can protect the hair from friction damage, and at the same time can make the styling appear shiny.



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