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Japan TOKIO INKARAMI Dr Jr Head Spa Light Feather Shampoo 200ml/500ml


Create fluffy hair roots! Let the scalp come to a comfortable SPA! Repair the hair directly from the scalp. It is a hair care product that can be directly applied to the scalp. It repairs damaged hair through patented cohesion and combination technology to achieve a salon hair care effect. Conditioner for scalp & hair.



Suitable for hair quality:

1. Sensitive Scalp

2. Slim hair


Efficacy description:

1. (To create fluffy hair roots) The mild cleansing ingredient (taurine) can gently purify the scalp and remove oil.

2. (Double Repair) Thoroughly pursue the "double repair" of the scalp and hair, and improve the scalp environment through thorough moisturizing and blood circulation. 3. (Repairing agent)

Three kinds of keratin can give hair elasticity, and shape soft hair with repairing effect.

4. (Improve gloss) Special use of "C60 fullerene" from Japan (won the Nobel Prize), its antioxidant function is 125 times that of vitamin C, increase softness and water retention, and maintain smoothness for a long time.


main ingredient:

  1. Contains 3 types of keratin  :  Silk protein, collagen and plant protein can increase hair toughness and repair hair. (80% of hair is composed of keratin, and the rest is moisture, lipids, melanin pigment and other ingredients, so keratin is very important to hair.)

2. Reactive keratin: it will produce the effect of cohesion and combination, repair damaged hair, and maintain the fluffy root effect of hair care in the salon.

3. Fullerene: the top beauty ingredient "fullerene" is effective in anti-oxidation, prevents hair aging, greatly increases hair moisturizing and gloss, easy to tidy up without tangling, continue to replenish keratin, and repair the internal fullerene of hair A super antioxidant molecule that won the Nobel Prize in 1996

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TOKIO INKARAMI is the world's first to use patented technology  "INKARAMI" is a professional hair salon treatment that supplements hair keratin. It is also the first to use the Nobel Prize-winning ingredient-Fullerene* (C60) to supplement CMC's activating factor  At the same time, it fights against free radicals, freezes hair to age, and restores damaged hair to a healthy and smooth initial state! Repair hair damage caused by electric dyeing and highlight the styling effect


日本 TOKIO INKARAMI Dr Jr Head Spa 輕喚羽洗頭水 200ml/400ml/500ml/700ml補充包

PriceFrom HK$215.00