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✨Paimore Spa Herbal Hair Bath 250ml & Spa Herbal Hair Mask 230g

✨ Paimore Cadeau Spa relax your scalp at home

The product portfolio includes hair baths and hair masks to help remove dead cells, dirt, and make hair shiny and floating from the roots. Especially using the hair bath, you will enjoy the soft aroma of mint, lemon, and jasmine, which is very pleasant and comfortable. Flick your hair and your fingers will feel soft. As for the hair mask, it has the greatest ability to remove dirt and sebum and help clean the scalp. In addition, all ingredients are rare natural plants (such as edelweiss, alpine rose, willow extract, alpine orchid, etc.). Just enough massage. Place each finger evenly on the palm, and then gently massage on the scalp. At this time, all substances will penetrate into the hairline, creating a sense of comfort, just like finishing a spa.


✨Spa herbal hair bath

✅Clean excess keratin and grease dirt on the hair, make the hair strong and show beautiful hair from beginning to end.

✅Use fullerene ingredients to improve the condition of the scalp, and contain amino acids and fulvic acid rich in minerals and vitamins to reduce scalp damage.

✅ Add the soft scents of fresh green mint, fresh lemon, vanilla and jasmine to give the scalp and hair the most sublime SPA enjoyment.

✅7 No ingredients, make hair and scalp cleaner and healthier

・ No parabens

・ Does not contain silicone

・ Does not contain mineral oil

・ No UV absorber

・ Does not contain synthetic colors

・ Does not contain synthetic polymers

・ Does not contain lauryl sulfate SLS


✨Spa herbal hair mask

Achieve the effect of decontamination and cleansing of scalp and hair. After the end of the day, you can enjoy SPA-like hydrotherapy to relax your scalp and body and mind.

✅Contains 5 kinds of ECO CERT certified organic extracts (moisturizing ingredients)

✨Alpine Edelweiss Extract

✨Alpine Rose

✨Willow Leaf Extract

✨Flax flower extract

✨Oxia solstice extract

✅Plant-derived cuticle repair ingredients (hydrolyzed pea protein)

✅Bentonite has excellent adsorption performance, can remove dirt and clean the scalp and hair Bentonite has excellent adsorption performance, can remove dirt and clean the scalp and hair

✅Glycyrrhizic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect, and sugarcane extract has a deodorant effect, which can gently remove excess stratum corneum and keep hair and scalp clean. ✅Fulvic acid is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It removes excess keratin and grease dirt in a gentle and non-irritating way to make hair stronger.

✅The scents of citrus mint and jasmine, mint and lemon are mixed with fresh vanilla and elegant jasmine, which can relax the scalp and restore our mood.

✅Let the hair show a healthy, moisturized and shiny hair



日本 Paimore Spa 草本洗護組合(Spa髮浴 250ml & Spa草本髮膜 230g)

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  • How to use After thoroughly dampening the hair, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair, lather it fully and massage while washing the skin. After that, rinse thoroughly.

    How to use it (this hair mask is suitable for the scalp) Apply evenly on the scalp, then massage, and gently massage the cream from the scalp to the ends of the hair with your fingers. After 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water and blow dry.

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