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Japan HI! BABY Korean and Kampo weakly acidic moisturizing conditioner


✨✨Korean and herbal Chinese medicine ingredients, but women’s favorite fragrance ✨✨


"Regardless of age, we will continue to be wonderful" This kind of existence is very attractive.
If you want others to get close to you, you must get close to yourself first.
"For "me"" instead of "to someone". Caring for oneself is the magic of beauty.
It is formulated with special ingredients and can even meet the needs of adult women.


✅Round cafe style.
It is not only attractive in appearance, if each flat back is attached to the wall, it can save space for you, but there is also 440ML

✅Product introduction:

Korean beauty (Oriental plant-based Chinese herbal extracts) and Japanese beauty (natural plant-based weak acid prescription) are a good match!

<Protective Moisturizing>
Outstanding development of MADE IN JAPAN natural botanical surfactants Korean women thoroughly prevent dryness from morning to night.
With this in mind, we aim to develop a shampoo that will not dry skin and hair all day long.
Due to the careful development of natural-source surfactants, it is completely 100% weakly acidic.
It can protect hair and skin from dryness and provide moisture.

<Deep Moisturizing>
21 kinds of Korean, American and Korean extracts, 2 of which are also beauty superpowers through the use of "Chinese medicine" ingredients contained in Korean shampoos,
We successfully combined Japanese Kampo medicines that have a huge impact on hair and skin.


✅Sweet and fresh fragrance

We have thoroughly researched and formulated the popular flavors in Korea.
"It's a bit sweet and sour, but the refreshing soap-like smell makes you feel a slight smell when you pass by each other."
Undoubtedly, this smell is not only loved by Korean boys, but also by Japanese boys.
The fresh smell will last until the next day.
Choose the one you like, the one closest to you.


✅Considering the balance of detergency and moisturizing, the formula has been thoroughly adjusted.
It has completed the treatment of 100% weak acidity and pH 5.5, the same "weak acidity" as the scalp and hair, and its water retention capacity is UP.
While protecting the scalp and hair from dryness, it maintains an ideal moisture content of 15%.

●Skin-friendly weak acid pH 5.5
●No added silicone ●Kanfang ingredients and Japanese traditional herbal ingredients ●Original bottle body based on the concept of Korean coffee cup ●Highly moisturizing ability to protect the scalp and hair from drying

●Japan’s super popularity, enthusiastically recommended by various magazines


Product name (powder bottle): Japan HI! BABY Korean and Chinese medicine weakly acidic moisturizing conditioner

(Lily of the valley & bergamot)



✅Suitable for any hair type, highly moisturizing ability

✅More than 90% natural ingredients

✅Natural interface active agent

✅No artificial colors added

✅No added silicone

✅Weak acid prescription can completely remove dirt and keep hair 15% humidity

✅Herbal ingredients are injected into the hair to supplement nutrition

✅Sweet and fresh fragrance

✅Lily of the valley symbolizes "happiness" in France

✅Mild and non-irritating natural surfactant

✅Olive oil is rich in multi-component and vitamin ADEK nutrition, which can regulate and increase hair flexibility

✅Rich vitamin E antioxidant ingredients

✅Peony root extract conditioning ingredients

✅Lilac flower extract hair care and moisturizing

✅ Rehmannia glutinosa root extract-soothes allergies and maintains scalp oil-water balance

✅ Wenzhou mandarin orange peel: keep hair elastic

✅ Angelica Acutiloba root extract calms and prevents allergies

✅Jujube fruit extract is rich in fatty acids, which can deeply provide nutrients to hair, nourish and repair dry hair

✅ Loquat leaf extract can deeply clean the scalp, can link the oil secretion, and solve the greasy scalp trouble

✅Perilla leaf extract can moisturize hair

✅Hydrolyzed conchiolin ingredient with moisturizing and repairing effect

✅Citric Acid: balance scalp oil, keep refreshing and comfortable


Japan HI! BABY Korean and Kampo Weak Acid Moisturizing Conditioner 440ml

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HK$175.00Sale Price
  • Use of moisturizing hair conditioner

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