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In many cases, in order to keep our freshness, we often change the shape of our hair by electric dyeing and ironing. Unknowingly, the hair quality is easily weakened and damaged. To replenish the nutrients lost during the electro-dyeing process and help prevent future damage, you can start with daily hair care products to make your hair strong and smooth!


Japan Feeling Refreshing Shampoo contains cool mint ingredients, which can thoroughly wash away excess oil on the hair and relieve itchy scalp.

Peppermint has a refreshing feeling, which can stimulate the scalp and promote blood circulation. This shampoo is especially suitable for hot summers and can completely remove oil from the hair. The scalp keeps cool and comfortable after using the hair oily hat. After use, all excess oil or dirt on the hair is uniformly washed away, and the oil and itching are kept away! Regardless of the angle, the hair is always natural and shiny!

Moisturizing conditioner can moisturize the protein of the hair, strengthen health and shine. Moreover, you don't need to use too much weight each time, and it is easy to comb wet hair after use, without knotting. After washing, it can be smooth and shiny without blowing the hair, and the frizzy feeling is no longer.



Japan FEELING refreshing shampoo



✅Suitable for any hair type

✅It can balance oil and make hair smooth and easy to comb

✅Keep fresh and not greasy all day long

✅For sensitive scalp, relieve scalp pressure and various discomforts, and provide meticulous care to scalp

✅Cool ingredients, relieve fatigue

✅Help to relieve itching and sterilize

✅Remove accumulated residual impurities, make the scalp feel cool and pure, without excessive drying of the hair.

✅Main ingredients:

Mint peppermint: relieves itching, sterilizes and relieves fatigue

Vitamin Complex: Regulate the menstrual cycle of the scalp and promote the renewal of hair follicles. Citric Acid: balance the scalp oil and keep it refreshed and comfortable



Japan FEELING Repair Conditioner



✅Suitable for any hair type

✅Repair damaged hair instantly

✅Prevent moisture loss on the surface of hair

✅Contains a variety of natural plant essence ingredients to provide nutrients needed for hair

✅Hair restores luster and quickly tightens the hair epidermis

✅Consolidate and repair the internal structure of beautiful hair

✅Hair is smooth and easy to comb, restores bright and smooth

✅Protein moisturizing hair, strengthen health and shine

✅Main ingredients:

Herbal Essences plant essence: moisturize the surface of the hair, quickly close the hair scales, and prevent the loss of nutrients

Vitamin A, D, B6 Vitamin A, D and B6: Strengthen the internal structure of hair, increase hair gloss and smoothness




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Japanese high-quality brand FEELING is an enterprise group that integrates product development, sales and technical guidance. It has a complete range of electric dyeing, washing and styling products. FEELING has also won the international trend fashion magazine JESSICACODE 【The Hottest Brand of Professional Hair Styling Product Award 2014/ 15] Grand Prize, and was selected as a shortlisted brand in the [Hair Styling Product Award] and [Hair Care Product Award] of the No. 1 Japanese trend magazine ViVi [Wang Dao Beauty Awards].


Japan FEELING Refreshing Care Combination 600mL

SKU: 1189
HK$300.00 Regular Price
HK$250.00Sale Price
  • Usage: Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage for a few minutes, and can be used repeatedly after rinse

    Then use conditioner on the hair strands and ends, and massage for a few minutes, then rinse with water.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you need to pay the return shipping cost. Thank you.

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