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Ajuda Dolce Uru Floral Silicone-Free Amino Acid Shampoo


A new shampoo product that permanently maintains beautiful hair and scalp through soft and powerful plant power. Shampoo is a non-silicon shampoo based on amino acids that gently cleanses the scalp and hair and moisturizes with delicate foam. This treatment is a highly moisturizing treatment that moisturizes the core of the hair and is soft and sticky. Prevents hair from darkening and redness, gives hair shine, and protects hair from UV rays, dryness and damage.

It is also ideal for care of damaged hair after dyeing.

While retaining the unique white bouquet aroma of the Dolce series, it is a luxurious blend of natural oils from rare plants and organically derived plant extracts.


✅Multiple miracle oil ingredients (such as Mara oil, Argan oil, Cuban butter, coconut oil and avocado oil)

It moisturizes and strengthens the elasticity of the hair, fills the core and tightens the scaly surface, protects the hair, and has an excellent anti-aging effect


✅Various herbal plant extracts including strawberry extract, cana rose hip extract, lavender flower extract, zinnia rose flower extract, Yagurumagiku flower extract, pomegranate fruit extract, gon root extract

Moisturizing|Strong Hair|Energetic |Repair |Health


✅Batch leaf extract

Promote blood circulation, increase hair mother cells, activate hair growth


✅ Ashitaba Extract

Essential elements that promote the maintenance of beautiful jet-black hair


✅Melanine grows licorice extract

Increase keratin-related protein, improve hair elasticity and toughness


✅White bouquet aroma

✅Organic ingredients give hair the deepest repair and moisturizing ability


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Ajuda Dolce, a Japanese professional washing and care brand, has a floral fragrance to prevent hair damage and repair damaged parts. Has the effect of protecting hair. Adjust the scalp environment, promote the improvement of new hair quality, weak acid and dense foam, with high moisturizing effect. Exquisite packaging

Japan Ajuda Dolce Uru Floral Silicone-Free Amino Acid Shampoo 300ml/ 700ml

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PriceFrom HK$150.00
  • After dampening your hair, sprinkle an appropriate amount (3 to 6 ml) on the entire hair and shampoo. Rinse off afterwards.

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