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INSIGHT organic plumping moisturizing spray

Specially formulated for thin hair that lacks vitality. The spray can increase the density of thinning hair and create a feeling of volume at the roots. It is rich in organic ginseng, white nettle and plantain (Indian white plantain). It is free of SLS/SLES, mineral oil and petroleum derivatives, silicone resins, parabens, synthetic dyes and allergens, and products of animal origin.

✅ Erupt hair that lacks vitality

✅It produces a thick feeling at the roots of the hair and gives the hair a dense feeling.

✅Free of SLS/SLES, mineral oil and petroleum products, silicone, parabens, synthetic dyes and allergens.

✅Vegan, it does not contain products of animal origin.

✅Suitable for all types of hair, especially thin hair.

✅It gives the hair a full and full effect and improves the styling effect of the hairstyle

✅Contains organic extracts, which can provide rich hair effects, they can increase the volume and thickness of hair from the roots

• Organic Ginseng Extract

• Organic Plantago Seed Extract

• Organic White Nettle Extract

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INSIGHT-has been adhering to the Organic concept of "organic", collecting the most precious natural organic materials from all over the world, and developing a series of "pure, non-toxic, natural and efficient" shampoo, hair care, Styling and hair coloring products. All products are 100% made in Italy and have passed EU national safety standards. The organic ingredients in the products have passed the organic certifications of ICEA in Italy, BioAgriCert in the European Union and EcoCert in France. The safety and effectiveness of INSIGHT products are well recognized.

Italian INSIGHT Volumizing Organic Volumizing Spray 100ml

SKU: 7788
HK$245.00 Regular Price
HK$125.00Sale Price
  • Spray on hair tips and roots. The style is shaped as usual.

  • 如果您對我們的產品質量不滿意,我們很樂意退款給所有客戶。首先,您需要在收到我們的產品後的前7天內通過電子郵件通知我們。但是,您需要支付退回的運費。謝謝。​

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