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Echosline Seliar Argan Nourishing Serum

Echosline Seliar Argan Oil Fluid based on Moroccan argan oil can restore the brilliance and texture of the hair with just a few drops. This is an excellent protection against aging, urban pollution and other negative factors.

The product contains Moroccan forrest and linseed oil and silk protein.

Echosline Seliar Argan Nourishing Essence can be quickly absorbed, even if the concentration is very low, it has a positive effect. You only need a few drops to achieve the desired effect

  • Just a few drops, you can reproduce silky and brilliant hair.
  • Repairs and strengthens hair, leaving it shiny and light.
  • Protect hair from free radical damage and effectively fight cell aging.
  • The absorption effect is rapid, light and weightless, and solve the problem of bifurcation.
  • Protect hair from damage
  • Suitable for extremely damaged hair

Italy Echosline Seliar Argan Nourishing Serum 150ml

SKU: 6799
PriceFrom HK$60.00
    • The effect of the enhanced dye for hair dyeing: 5-7ml of essence can be added to the hair dyeing product, and after mixing, proceed according to the general hair dyeing procedure.
    • Daily repair use and at the same time improve gloss: Take a few drops and apply evenly on dry hair.
    • After shampooing, fight against frizz and curl, repair your hair, and make your hair no longer knotted: Take a few drops and apply evenly on wet hair or towel-dried hair.
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